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Digital Humidity and Temperature Meter

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Every wonder why your royal icing is not drying the same as usual?  This little meter is just what you need to see what the humidity is in your kitchen or work area.  Humidity has a lot to do with how royal icing dries.  You may need to slightly tweak your recipe on the amount of meringue powder you need to use.  Higher humidity, more meringue.  Low humidity, less meringue.
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Digital Humidity and Temperature Meter
Digital Humidity and Temperature Meter


"I got my Easel Genie today! Shipping is SO fast! I’ve wanted one for so long. Can’t wait to use it. Thank you!"


“This is a MUST have tool in your cookie decorating tool box!! The fact that you can sharpen it in a traditional pencil sharpener makes it amazing too! Plus, it's name is fun to say over and over!!!”


"I would like to apologize to every person I've ever taught before and have given my favorite ingredients. I have now found the ALL TIME BEST MERINGUE POWDER and I'll never use anything else. Thank you Creative Cookier!...The icing comes out so silky and smooth. Seriously! Amazing!"


“I bought the Air Genie and fell in love with it on the first time using it. I love the fact that I can change the speed of how slow or fast the color comes out. Air Genie has been an awesome game changer for me."


“Today is one cookie at a time. Ginny’s ‘Genie Mini-Mat’ and turntable work perfectly for this job!”