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Nozzle Wrench

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It's important to keep your airbrush in tip top condition and clean as a whistle for optimal workability. 

Changing out the Needle, Nozzle & Nozzle Cap is an easy and inexpensive way to breathe new life into your airbrush gun.

Sometimes other parts are needed to improve a gun's performance and sometimes, because they are so small, they go down the drain...they are slippery little suckers! the Trigger and Cup (Aux Lever) are also available here.

Maybe you need a Nozzle Wrench, to unscrew your nozzle for cleaning or replacement.

Remember, a clean airbrush gun will last longer and perform better, so here is a video to brush up on your disassemble, cleaning and reassemble skills.

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Nozzle Wrench


"I got my Easel Genie today! Shipping is SO fast! I’ve wanted one for so long. Can’t wait to use it. Thank you!"


“This is a MUST have tool in your cookie decorating tool box!! The fact that you can sharpen it in a traditional pencil sharpener makes it amazing too! Plus, it's name is fun to say over and over!!!”


"I would like to apologize to every person I've ever taught before and have given my favorite ingredients. I have now found the ALL TIME BEST MERINGUE POWDER and I'll never use anything else. Thank you Creative Cookier!...The icing comes out so silky and smooth. Seriously! Amazing!"


“I bought the Air Genie and fell in love with it on the first time using it. I love the fact that I can change the speed of how slow or fast the color comes out. Air Genie has been an awesome game changer for me."


“Today is one cookie at a time. Ginny’s ‘Genie Mini-Mat’ and turntable work perfectly for this job!”